What is a magikaya?

A magikaya (sounds like: magic • EYE • ah) is the invisible “magic body” that every wizard has. It is as unique as the wizard him or her self. It is the magical aura that surrounds the physical body. It grows as the magic inside is developed.

A wizard’s wand is a reflection of their magikaya. Other magical items: amulets, tools, implements – all become a part of the wizard’s magikaya. As a young wizard grows in magical strength and knowledge their magikaya grows as well.

The young wizards of Boar house have magic wands that were commissioned by the Archmage himself the year they were born. They were charged in the summer of their ninth year when they first entered wizard training at C.A.M.P. Phoenix located on Philippeaux Isle somewhere in Lake Superior – more commonly called “Phantom Island.” Once a wand is charged it is bonded to the wizard.

The wizards of Boar house added invisibility bracelets to their magikaya as well as migtas (magic eyes) – agates that were transformed into seeing-stones. As they continue in their training at camp, they will add other physical items to their magikaya.

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