Due to Popular Demand!

OK – I had no idea so many people were enjoying the CAMP Phoenix series – traditional publishing is really difficult especially when the books have already been self-published. I have realized that the decision to pull the books from the market was unfair to you! So as soon as I can get the manuscripts prepped (I keep polishing them to give you the best product I can!) I’ll put them all back up for sale online and forget the traditional publishing avenue – I’ll just keep self-publishing for you so tell all your friends about the series! and book 5 will be coming soon! Stay tuned!

~RM Wolf


Due to Popular Demand! — 1 Comment

  1. I am so very glad to hear that I might be able to get the rest of the series. I have been reading to my grandchildren and they were very disappointed when we finished the 4th book and I couldn’t locate the next in the series. We are looking forward to being able to continue to read this series.

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